LG Optimus G - A Lighter & Greener Phone

June 2013 

The mobile phone industry has long been scrutinized for its environmental impact. Particular component materials have been focused on, the most common example being magnesium, and LG was one of the first manufacturers to address the issue. 

With its new LG Optimus G (E975) phone, LG reduces its environmental impact by using eco-magnesium, a new type of clean magnesium alloy developed by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) with funding from the government of Korea. This decision will reduce greenhouse gas emission by a factor of approximately 24,000 during the die-casting process without affecting the quality of the final product. Simply put, CO2 emissions are reduced by a whooping 4kg per handset!

The Sprint version of the Optimus G earned ULE Platinum certification the highest level of environmental performance issued by the Underwriters Laboratory Environment. In addition, the Optimus G was also granted CarbonFree® Product certification, a program is aimed at increasing awareness of product emissions and recognizing companies that are taking responsibility for their products carbon footprint while helping to hasten a market transformation to a low-carbon future.

LG, which research company IDC says is the world's third-largest phone maker in terms of unit sales after Nokia and Samsung, has already removed lead, cadmium, nickel, halogen substances, and other EU RoHS materials from its production of mobile phones. Standby power has also been reduced in portable chargers, and a reminder feature lets users know when the handset is fully charged.

Merlion Wayfarer was honoured to be offered the privilege to review this handset. She agreed to the opportunity because of the direction that LG is going - to provide green technology with a reduced carbon footprint yet maintaining the high standards of its products. (The review will be posted in about one month's time, so keep a look out!)

LG takes its role as a green innovation solutions provider seriously. It continually introduces products that meet and exceed the most stringent environmental standards, helping LG customers achieve cleaner, greener lifestyles.

Other products which Merlion Wayfarer were introduced to:
  • It is often presumed that the bigger the product, the larger the energy consumption. However, LG's 84-inch Ultra-High Definition 3D TV  features a maximum energy saving mode (saves energy both in standby and active modes) that cuts energy consumption by 70 percent over conventional TVs.
  • LG's dishwashers and washing machines are designed to use less water and electricity, its refrigerators create new energy efficient storage options and its ovens cook food faster, thus reducing energy consumption.
  • For instance, the LG GR-M236JSQN Side By Side Fridge, which is built with an Inverter Linear Compressor is more efficient as the technology reduces friction points thus minimizing energy loss. The increased durability is evident with the accompanying 10 year warranty on the inverter linear compressor. LED Lights are used at the top and side of the refrigerator providing a brighter view while reducing energy consumption that saves cost.

Thank you, LG!

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