PSI 401? - Merlion Wayfarer's Guide To Hiding Out

21 June 2013
Hazy Hazy Hazy

The PSI is at 401 today! New hazardous high... In one week of hiding in huge airconditioned public spaces (See "Haze Is Here - Hide In Aircon?", an article on reducing one's carbon footprint in this hazy weather), Merlion Wayfarer has bit-by-bit compiled a guide on where to hide this week if your house has neither an aircon nor an air purifier...

Criteria for "Guide To Hiding Out"...
  • Lots of aircon, strong strong aircon
  • Near an MRT station, as near as possible to have minimal exposure to the elements
  • Must be cavernous, so huge until the air inside is relatively fresh enough for you to take big gulps of well-needed fresh air
  • Preferably no windows, or the sight of disappearing neighbouring buildings will psychologically affect your perspective of the situation
  • Have lots of eateries, especially those where you can stay a looooong time with just a drink
  • Have good ventilation, so that you can't smell the smoke inside nor the cooking of food
  • Have a variety of food options catering to different tastes, especially affordable options
  • Preferably without a centre airwell to minimize airflow from outside
Here are the options...

  • Many, many eateries including quite a few coffee places as long as you keep to those in the basement or on higher floors
  • Right next to the MRT
  • A good option to shop and drink, drink and shop
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Changi Airport 
  • There are 3 huge terminals here with ample basement retail and dining space.
  • Aircon here is strong, so strong that Merlion Wayfarer sometimes brings a jacket along. 
  • Next to the MRT and weekday parking is discounted at S$2.50 per 3 hours
  • The eateries found in town can also be located here.
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City Square Mall
  • Merlion Wayfarer likes this mall because of its green features.
  • Relatively near housing estates and still within 2 MRT stops to town
  • Lots of glass to allow natural daylight in yet external airflow is limited to ground level exits
  • Family-friendly mall
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ION Orchard
  • Air here actually smells nice because of the fragrance used!
  • Huge shopping mall
  • Quite a few coffee places for those brand loyal coffee connoisseurs
  • Easily accessed from the MRT (right next to the exit) and is even joined to a few other shopping centres via underpasses
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Plaza Singapura
  • Although this mall has a centre airwell, the recently expanded annex does not have similar exposure.
  • Next to the MRT with two basement levels filled with affordable eateries
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Raffles City Shopping Centre
  • Recommended for its variety of basement eateries which are well-sheltered from the elements
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Traditional options like Suntec City mall and Marina Square are a no-no for now as these are undergoing massive renovations with many retail areas closed and some noise from the renovators.

Merlion Wayfarer is also not including the neighbourhood malls here are many of them are relatively smaller in size with an open space in the centre of the mall, thus increasing airflow from the outside. But if you really need to stay in the neighbourhood, do hang out in eateries that are not near exits or roof gardens to breathe in fresher air.

Breathe well!