City Square Mall - Singapore's First Eco-Mall

City Square Mall
Kitchener Road, Singapore
June 2013

Last weekend, Merlion Wayfarer participated in the "Go Eco, Get Crafty" eco-crafts workshop organized by Panasonic and It was held at Singapore's First Eco-Mall, City Square. Merlion Wayfarer hadn't been to that many "eco-malls", so she was curious to explore the features of this very special mall that makes it eco-friendly.

City Green

City Square was the first mall in Singapore to be integrated with an urban park. Named City Green, the 49,000 square feet park is a green carpet laid out in front of the mall to welcome visitors. It provides children with a learning experience about ecology and the natural environment.

Contained within City Green, the Living Maze is a maze formed by a series of hedges - for running, hiding and exploring. Sensors help to ensure that the landscaped greenery will not be watered on rainy days, to eliminate water wastage.


On the grounds of City Square is an environmentally-friendly playground made of wood sourced from forest product producers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a certification system that promotes responsible forest management worldwide. 


Facade & Structure

Shaped like a leaf to harmonize with the environment and its green theme, the Green Roof is designed with environmentally-friendly features such as solar panels and a rain water harvesting system.

The low-E double-glazed facade glass optimizes day lighting. 

LED lighting for the facade reduce energy savings of up to 50% compared to conventional lighting.

An energy-efficient fan measuring 7.32m in diameter provides a naturally-cooled environment for activities held in the Fountain Square.
(One reason why Merlion Wayfarer wasn't perspiring much during the Workshop!)

The roof with its natural skylight allows natural lighting to pass through. There are also sensors at the roof to regulate electrical lighting and motorized sunshades to control light coming through from the glass panels.

The mall’s air conditioners use Variable Air Volume technology to moderate the mall’s temperature while saving energy. Together with other energy efficient features around the mall, an estimate of more than 12 million kWh of electricity is saved and 6,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission is reduced annually. Condensate water from the air-conditioning system is also recycled, saving enough water to fill 2 Olympic-sized pools yearly.

Recycling bins are provided at convenient locations on every floor for shoppers. Tenants too, have their own set of recycling bins at Recycling Points.

Wet and dry refuse are separated at the mall for recycling through a twin chute pneumatic waste disposal system.


Installed in the eco-restrooms are waterless urinals and water sub meters to detect water leaks and monitor water consumption. Together with other water efficient featrues, it is estimated that 10 Olympic-sized pools of water annually are saved.

City Square has an electric-car ready carpark with charging stations and dedicated carpark lots for hybrid cars. There are driveway sensors to adjust the lighting of the car park at B4, saving about 50,000 kWh of electricity a year.

Awards & Accolades

Some of the awards this unique eco-mall had garnered include:
  • 3R Packaging Awards 2011: Distinction Award
  • 2011 ASEAN Energy Awards: First Runner-up for the Energy Efficiency Competition (New and Existing Category)
  • BCA Awards 2007: BCA Green Mark Platinum Award
  • BCI Asia Awards 2011: FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2011 for Commercial Architecture

Good job, City Square Mall!

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