LG Optimus G Pro - Getting Blown Away!

Central Singapore
July 2013

Merlion Wayfarer was one of the 15 selected to enjoy the exclusive LG Optimus G Pro (E988) Fans Preview.

Having tested the LG Optimus G (E975), she was mighty impressed by the phone and had wanted to see what the Pro version could offer. And she was blown away!

Unlike the plastic cover set tested by some reviewers earlier, Merlion Wayfarer had the chance to experience one that has the professional-looking cover of the G (E975).  She likes the "glittering" look of the cool black checkered casing.
Eager reviewers enjoying themselves...

Thoughtful provision of delicious finger food while reviewers try out the food... 

Based on technical specifications alone, the G Pro impresses:
  • A 3,140 mAh battery
  • Full HD display
  • 13MP camera with geotagging, face detection, and image stabilization
  • 16GB eMMMC internal memory
  • Quad-Core 1.7GHz processor (This is faster than the processor of a basic laptop!)

Perfect for macros with its close focusing distance - Food never looked this good!

To the techno-sotongs, here's what's good:
  • Dazzling bright display that is crystal clear
  • Big - really big - and wide screen
  • A removable battery 
  • QuickMemo to allow you to scribble down a phone number on the screen of the phone if you are out of paper
  • Wireless charging without messy wires
  • A flashlight to be turned on for taking videos in low light conditions
  • Quick Translator which captures the text off the camera and syncs with Google Translate into the language you desire

There's something for sofa-loafers too:
  • See the game that you are playing projected onto the TV with a few simple taps.
  • No need to worry if your remote control is not working - QRemote 2.0 with embedded infrared technology allows the operation of multiple home devices, e.g. TV, DVD player, audio system.

Easy connectivity to TV for remote access and games...

Being a photographer, of course photo and video functions are very very very important to Merlion Wayfarer.
  • For times when she needs to take a self-portrait to show where she's been, the front camera is Full HD at 2.1 MP.
  • If she sees an interesting macro subject and does not have her DSLR with her, she can use the macro function which allows her to put the phone very near to the subject - More life-sized!
  • To put herself in the photo while holding the phone is no longer a constraint with the Dual Camera function.
  • The VR Panorama auto-captures the image as the phone is moved along. (No clicking required!) And it even captures images upwards and downwards!
    (Merlion Wayfarer really looks forward to owning this phone and testing it under outdoor and natural light settings for this function!)

The LG Optimus G Pro will be available in black and white at an RRP of S$868. More information can be found on LG Mobile.

Thanks for the privilege, LG!

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