LG Optimus G - Amazing Clarity & Macro Perfection

July 2013

After receiving the LG Optimus G ("LG Optimus G - A Lighter & Greener Phone") and excitedly using for some weeks, here are the results of Merlion Wayfarer's review!

What's cool:
  • Long battery life - Can last up to 3 days on basic usage!
  • Huge screen that's crystal clear with an amazing array of colours
  • Cool design - Merlion Wayfarer tested the black which looks really professional
  • 32GB of internal memory - No MicroSD card is required for light users!

What's not-so-cool (Just 1!):
  • The wifi has to be manually reconnected every time the signal is dropped

Here are the photos from Merlion Wayfarer's hand-on testing:

Photos captured from other mobile devices are surprisingly clear - Here's the one from a tablet...

And one from another mobile phone - at an even closer distance...

That's how a S$10 note looks like to the LG Optimus G without zooming. 
The grains on the note are actually visible!

To show the colour spectrum, here's a macro shot of the light rays at the back of a CD...

Visibility against a white background is no issue - 
A bottle of correction fluid against a piece of paper...

For landscape shots, the Optimus G works well too:

A photo taken during the haze with the 13MP camera - 
The contrast is not overpowering despite the level of particles in the atmosphere...

A digital zoom with the camera at the same location - The foreground is still clear...

Merlion Wayfarer gives the thumbs up for this phone for great camera functions and long battery life!
(More information about the Optimus G - LG E975 can be found on LG Mobile.)

Thank you, LG & SPRG!

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