The Laughing Zorro Bird

Bukit Batok Nature Park
Central, Singapore
May 2013

It was a cloudy and warm afternoon in Bukit Batok when Merlion Wayfarer decided to take a short walk.

On entering the park, she spotted some recycling bins near the restrooms and playground...
(Good effort, NParks!)

Despite the humid noon sun, there were still sufficient sightings spotted in this park which is just minutes away from the nearest housing estate.

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  • A Dart/Skipper from the Hesperiidae family:
    Darts/Skippers are generally small butterflies with thick head, big eyes, and small wings in proportion to their heavy bodies. As a result, these butterflies move their wings at a very high speed when flying. This makes their flight extreme fast and darting.

  • Garrulax Leucolophus (White-Crested Laughing Thrush):
    Merlion Wayfarer spotted these beautiful birds near the quarry. These are inquisitive birds that cackle a lot (hence their name). They are curious about people and often come forward when there is food.
Quite a handsome-looking bird with its crest and Zorro eye mask...

When one spots food, a few others will be attracted by its call. 
Merlion Wayfarer thinks it's good to avoid feeding them as they might become a nuisance to other park-goers... 

  • Ictinogomphus Decoratus (Common Flangetail):
    Merlion Wayfarer finds it easy to spot this dragonfly- It is large, common (one of the more commonly seen members of the family Gomphidae), and easily-recognizable by its bee-like yellow and black stripes. It breeds in open standing water like ponds and dams, and can be seen near the edges of many reservoirs and parks in Singapore, e.g. MacRitchie, Lower Peirce, Upper Seletar. 
After walking to the end of the shorter jogging track, and being awed once again by the magnificent quarry, she decided to end her short visit today...

Peaceful surroundings amidst still waters...


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