One Dollar, Two Dollars

North-East, Singapore
June 2013

It has been quite some time since Merlion Wayfarer stepped into a cemetery. Well, an exhumed one, to be exact. Today, she ventured into Bidadari with a nature pal. (Bidadari is best explored with a kaki, to be on the safe side.)

One of the safe paths to walk. If you stick to these paths, you need not step into the long grass areas. The grass here can be as long as thigh height, and there are lots of active ants here, so do wear long pants with longer socks.

A Hippasa Holmerae (Lawn Wolf Spider) with morning dew drops on its web. It builds the familiar sheet-webs that sparkle with dew drops over grassy grounds at dawn. The spider hides in a silken funnel that leads to the web and pounces on any grasshopper that lands on it.
The Blue Pansy (Junonia Orithya Wallacei) is a sun-loving butterfly, which can usually be found on grassy patches in open areas. This one here is having a hard time, as can be seen from its tattered wings.

A brilliant gold Orthetrum Luzonicum (Slender Blue Skimmer) rests on a blade of dried grass. At certain angles, the bronze on its wings shimmers in the bright morning sunlight.

The Mycalesis Mineus Macromalayana (Dark Brand Bush Brown) is one of the most common species of the many look-alike species of the genus Mycalesis. It is a drab-looking butterfly, with a dark-greyish brown upperside and a paler underside which features a white post-discal stripe on the fore and hindwings.

The Eurystomus Orientalis (Oriental Dollarbird) is named because of the distinctive blue coin-shaped spots on its wings. It is most commonly seen as a single bird with a distinctive upright silhouette on a bare branch high in a tree, from which it hawks for insects, returning to the same perch after a few seconds.

It has a distinctive call - a continuous guttural chirr, 
and sometimes it hides in the ample shade provided by the trees here with a mate...

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