"Go Eco, Get Crafty" - T-Shirt Coaster

City Square Mall
Kitchener Road, Singapore
June 2013


Ragged T-shirts? T-shirts kenah bleached? Can't get rid of that curry or laksa stain? No problem lah!



(Materials required : 2-3 T-shirts of different colours, Scissors, Fabric glue, Sticky tape)
  1. Cut the T-shirt into strips.

    "Ah Boy, don't look at McDonald's liao, the Ugly Duckling Hello Kitty is coming out on only on Thursday!"

    Acme of perfection - Parallel strips of exactly the same size...

  2. Knotting one end, braid the strips together. Use some sticky tape to secure one end for easy braiding. When you finish, secure the strip with another knot at the other end.
    Does left go over right, or right go over left?

    Mama does it best...

    Papa also very good! (Even Evelyn also don't believe!)  ;)

    Ah Boy is full of wonder about what this is turning out to be...

  3. Roll the braided T-shirt strips into a snail shell shape, spreading a little fabric glue occasionally.

  4. Continue with another set of braided strips if your coaster is too small.
    "I don't want a coaster, I'm going to wash my hands now, give me my hamburger!"

  5. Done! Your coaster should look like this...

These coasters are super-thick and absorbent. Not a coaster to put under a delicate wine glass or a flimsy can, but they work just great for a big heavy mug of Milo or kopi!

Sparks Of Inspiration

Your braided T-shirt strips can also be made into these great ideas!

  • Braided T-shirt basket

  • Braided T-shirt door mat


Sources (Photos)