"Go Eco, Get Crafty" - T-Shirt Bag

City Square Mall
Kitchener Road, Singapore
June 2013


Play too much until T-shirt got big hole? Collar drop off coz head getting too big? No problem lah!


(Materials required : Adult-sized T-shirt, Scissors, Fabric Markets, Beads)
  1. Lay your T-shirt flat on the table. Cut off the neck band, the bottom seam and the sleeves.
  2. Turn the T-shirt inside out. Then cut off the bottom hem binding.
  3. Take the binding, wrap it around the T-shirt and tie it really tight. Do this step twice to secure the bottom of the bag.
  4. Turn the T-shirt bag back to the right side. Start decorating!
Picasa at work...

Mother and daughter pose for a pic with both their finished products...

Work of art - by a proud father and son team!

Sparks Of Inspiration

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