Why You Should Not Visit The Marine Life Park At RWS

South, Singapore
May 2013

(This article is part of Merlion Wayfarer's series on Animal Welfare.)

Merlion Wayfarer was at Sentosa when she spotted the dolphins at the RWS Marine Life Park. 

These two pictures taken were of different pools. Both pools had floors stained with algae growth. For each pool, there were several dolphins crammed into a space not much bigger than a volleyball court. In the second photo, two of the dolphins were beached, while another was knocking its head on the wall of the pool. 

(Photos taken at sunset)

It was very heartrending to see them. 

Please do not visit the Marine Life Park at RWS.

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"Poor conditions for RWS dolphins: Cramped space and algae-stained pool"
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A follow-up visit was made in June 2013:
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