Those Ferocious 8-Leggeds!

Beware they bite! Beware they sting! They are dangerous! Are these true?

This is a series that Merlion Wayfarer started to capture the really ferocious 8-legs that she sees on her walk here walk there trips. Be frightened!

A very photogenic Opadometa Fastigata (Pear-Shaped Leucauge) spiders. Look at how wickedly red its eyes are! [From "Tales Of Spiderman & The Beheaded Spider"]

This male Viciria Praemandibularis (Wide-Jawed Viciria) Spider looks really nasty. But in actual fact, his huge "claws" make him less agile than the other jumpers in this encounter... [From "Tales Of Spiderman & The Beheaded Spider"]

This female Argiope Versicolor (Multi-Coloured St Andrew's Cross Spider)had just assasinated her mate (a male), devoured his body, beheaded him and left his cephalothorax attached to the web. This is one ferocious female that you wouldn't want to antagonize! [From "Tales Of Spiderman & The Beheaded Spider"]

This Argiocnemis Rubescens (Variable Sprite) was caught in an Tylorida Ventralis (Big-Bellied Tylorida) Spider's web. Despite that it was no longer struggling, from the state of its bright eyes, it was probably immoblized but still very much alive. [From "By The Forest Waters"]

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