Those Fascinating 8-Leggeds!

This is a series that Merlion Wayfarer started to capture the fascinating aspects of some of the 8-legs that she sees on her walk here walk there trips. Be intrigued!

Gasteracantha (Spiny Spiders) exist in really small sizes. This one here is smaller than the "0" in the Singapore 10-cent coin. From "Tales Of Spiderman & The Beheaded Spider"]

This Telamonia Dimidiata (Two-Striped Telamonia) was still a juvenile with bits of fluorescence visible on a closer look. And look at how she can turn her head almost 45 degrees! [From "Tales Of Spiderman & The Beheaded Spider"]

This male Viciria Praemandibularis (Wide-Jawed Viciria) Spider looks really nasty. But in actual fact, his huge "claws" make him less agile than the other jumpers in this encounter... [[From "Tales Of Spiderman & The Beheaded Spider"]

Ever wondered how the comic artists get inspiration for how to animate Spiderman's movements? This Phintella Versicolor (Multi-Coloured Phintella) will give one a good gauge. As he is still a juvenile, the patterns on its back are still immature. [From "Tales Of Spiderman & The Beheaded Spider"]

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