Mosquitoes, Beware - Dragonflies Are In The Air!

If you've been to a pond, you will likely see dragonflies, with their colourful iridescent bodies reflecting the sunlight as they rest on the leaves of water plants or zap about on their four strong wings.

But have you ever seen a swarm of dragonflies? If you do, don’t be alarmed. Instead, be grateful because these insects are probably feeding on mosquitoes – so there are fewer mosquitoes to feed on you!

Why Do Dragonflies Swarm?

We are probably seeing more of them because they may be going farther from water to find their prey, and the reason for that probably has something to do with mosquito control.

They swarm because their food sources swarm. If it has been a rainy season, or if you live near a lot of standing water, then the mosquito population is bound to be booming. If a large mosquito population is present at the time and place of the emergence of fully-grown dragonflies then you may witness a dragonfly swarm.

Dragonflies do not only eat mosquitoes, so you may even catch a small swarm of dragonflies in your yard if there happen to be any acceptable prey abundant there.

They are good for any garden, so be glad they're there for you...