Central Catchment Reserve - A Twig In Disguise

Central Catchment Reserve
North-Central, Singapore
October 2014

At first view, from afar, this does not appear to be an insect or arachnid. It appeared more like a brow twig growing on a green stem.

On a closer look, you notice the more distinguishable features, including its huge jaws, the "bow-shaped" carapace "armour" and the eye arrangement typical of Tetragnathidae (Big-Jawed) Spiders. This is a Tylorida Ventralis (Big-Bellied Tylorida) Spider.

In resting position, the spider stretches its first legs forward and close together, camouflaging its self with its thin size, barely wider than the width of a stem.

How the spider clasps the stem, with only two thin legs...