Lower Peirce Reservoir - The Playful Pitta

Lower Peirce Reservoir
North, Singapore
March 2014

Lower Peirce Reservoir welcomed an uncommon visitor last weekend. It was a visitor that drew droves of bird photographers tracking its every move after a posting on a bird sighting forum.

There were two of them - One near the reservoir and the other near a stream. Each photographer was patiently still, moving only to click the shutter for yet another perfect shot.

And being the performer that it was, this Pitta moluccensis (Blue-Winged Pitta) played around with everyone, first hopping about in enjoyment, looking at everything around it, then pecking playfully at a log.

The photos are taken off a scope with a mobile phone camera, 
generously lent by a friendly birdwatcher...
(Thank you, my friend!)

More photos are available on Merlion Wayfarer Goes Green's Picasa at : 
Aves - Passeriformes - Pittidae (Pittas)