A Walk On The Butterfly Trail

Butterfly Trail
Orchard Road
Central, Singapore
February 2012

Conceptualized by Nature Society (Singapore), the Butterfly Trail @ Orchard features some 50 of the more common butterfly species that can be found in Singapore. This 4 km trail meanders all the way through the Orchard Corridor between the Singapore Botanic Gardens and the Tanglin area and the Singapore Management University and Fort Canning Park. 

It was a time to be carefree...

Delias Hyparete Metarete (Painted Jezebel) , Pieris Canidia Malayica (Cabbage White) , 
Doleschallia Bisaltide (Autumn Leaf)

A time to make new friends amidst the competition...
Delias Hyparete Metarete (Painted Jezebel)

And be together...
Chilades Pandava (Cycad Blue , Plains Cupid)

Resulting in hundreds of thumb-sized caterpillars in the heart of town!
Doleschallia Bisaltide (Autumn Leaf) Caterpillar

 So that one may grow up to be free again...

Danaus Chrysippus (Plain Tiger)

More photos are available on Merlion Wayfarer Goes Green's Picasa at :
Lepidoptera - Rhopalocera (Butterflies)