Smart Technology Trends With LG

 The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is the largest interactive technology event in the world with topnotch tech companies from around the world gathering to showcase their latest products.

Some of the key trends highlighted in recent tech reviews include:

Supersize Me Screens
Smartphones with ultra-large screens are now everywhere. More large-screen phones from major manufacturers seem likely.

Clearer Displays
2014 will open the door to pixel-sharp resolutions that'll go along with those ultra-large screens.

Hands-Free Controls
Voice actions, waving gestures, and tilting are all part of a greater category of controls that include gestures and voice actions that make your phone cooler and hopefully more convenient to use.

Ushering in 2014, a  key theme in technology advancement is the convergence of a professional and personal lifestyle in devices - bringing content and technology together to transform the way we live, work and play.

So, one may be left asking, with phones already being "smart", what is "Smart Control" for a phone?

Your smartphone is now a remote control
Control your home theater devices from the mobile phone you already own. With Quick Remote, you can add your TV, cable/satellite box, AV receiver, DVD player, and more, so that you can control them via your mobile phone. You can even setup different components for different rooms of your house such as your bedroom, kitchen, den, and office..

Swipe and tap control 
Swipe or tap your thumb across your smartphone screen to adjust the volume, change the channel, fast-forward, rewind, pause, play and skip forward or back...
The smartphone works hard to keep your life simple
Consolidate 10 remote controls into a single mobilephone. QuickRemote is compatible with over hundreds of home electrical devices...
A one-touch remote control 
With easy-to-use controls that you can customize, QuickRemote allows your young or elderly family member change the channel and adjust the volume easily. And simply press one button to switch to favorite activities, like watch TV or play a game...
Easy mobile setup 
With QuickRemote pre-installed on the LG G2, minimal setup is required. The app actually walks one through the process step-by-step right on your phone..

More than just a remote control
With an LG mobile phone, rethink your control over home entertainment and beyond...
Impressed with Smart Control? LG G Flex brings all these functions one step further - with an Ergonomic Curved Design - In portrait orientation, it follows the curvature of your face, enhancing voice quality by reducing the gap between the mic and your mouth...

Can TVs Be "Smart" Too?

Magic Remote
The most convenient and advanced TV remote with...
  • Universal Control : Control and access your set-top box, speakers, BDP, and even satellite TV with a single remote, a one-stop solution for maximum convenience
  • Pointing : Just point and click
  • Wheel : Scroll up and down, zoom in and out with a wheel - just like using a computer mouse
  • Gesture : Make simple gestures to conveniently change between channels
  • Voice Recognition Search : Speak to your remote to find what you want within the internet and LG Smart World

WiFi Alliance certified MiracastTM allows you to enjoy easy and fast connection among TV, Smart phones, and Tablets without wires, enabling easy transfer and sharing of your digital contents right on the TV screen.

Tag On

Sharing between your mobile device and your television has never been simpler with Tag On, a feature that allows mutual content sharing and mirroring by simply "tagging" the smartphone to an NFC sticker provided with the TV...

Smart Energy Saving
The Backlight Control function controls the brightness of the TV. The Screen Off function lets you switch off the screen while keeping the audio on. Standby Mode Zero function sets your TV to a power saving mode where zero electricity is used..
Wireless Display (Wi-Di)
Intel's WiDi (Wireless Display) technology enables easy and fast connection between TVs and Laptop PCs without wires or internet network...

Time Machine II
With the newly updated version of the LG's popular Time Machine feature, TV programs can be recorded so that you can rewind, pause, or re-watch your favorite shows...
"LG’s brand slogan 'Life's Good' conveys a message that we are focus in enriching customers' lives with our products and services. Over the years we have observed customers' habits and design products that satisfy and keep up with their lifestyle. The modern and hectic lifestyle has made us more reliant on electronic gadgets, hence LG designed mobile communication products that will not only satisfy customer’s needs while on the move but also the interconnectivity within the gadget eco-system. We have incorporated Smart features within our TV and mobile phones such as NFC Tag On, Smart Share, Miracast and WiDi to harness technology to improve the way our customers can engage with their devices." 
--- Scott Jung, Managing Director, LG Electronics Singapore ---

Truly, LG is ahead because it learns from its users and supporters...
This gives the assurance that LG products give one the competitive edge to 
- Be First, Do It Right, Work Smart!