Titans of the Past - The Growth and Behaviour of Dinosaurs

"Titans of the Past - Dinosaurs & Ice Age Mammals"
Science Centre Singapore
Jurong East
West, Singapore
October 2013

In the segment on "The Growth and Behaviour of Dinosaurs", the tracking of the development and growth of Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, Hypacrosaurus and T-Rex and the quality specimens found test the hypothesis of world-renowned palaeontologist Jack Horner and his research team who discovered that more than one-third of all dinosaur species classified from the Cretaceous Period may actually be juveniles and not different species as determined by palaeontologists for the past century. This exhibition is also the first attempt in the world to explore the concept of ontogeny - the development of an animal through its life and its implications for the science of palaeontology.

Juvenile and mature "dragons" from the past -
the Pachycephalosaurus with its distinctive skull dome...

Hypacrosaurus Stebingeri was a crested duck-billed dinosaur. These dinosaurs from the late Cretaceous Period cared for their young until they were old enough to leave the nest...

“The exhibition tells the story of a dinosaur’s life using real fossils and specimens that have played a pivotal role to facilitate our continuous efforts to demystify the prehistoric age and uncover new findings."
~ Dr Jack Horner, the MOR’s Curator of Palaeontology 
and technical advisor for the Jurassic Park movies ~

Argentinosaurus, the largest Sauropod ever found measuring 36 metres in length and 7 metres in height...

Giganotosaurus is one of the largest terrestrial carnivores in the late Cretaceous period.
This skeleton here is 12m in length and 4m in height...


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