Project ADORE - Rehoming Strays In HDB Flats

(This article is part of Merlion Wayfarer's series on Animal Welfare.)

Every year, thousands of dogs are abandoned or impounded in Singapore. Figures from AVA state 4,050 dogs and 6,131 cats in 2004 and 1,772 dogs and 2,681 cats in 2009 (Straits Times, 26 October 2010). Despite the rapid decline in numbers, the majority of them them are put down due to a lack of space and resources to care for them. Even if they are in good health.

Mr Ricky Yeo, President of Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD), said: "It's very common to see dogs just left out in the streets... If you go to outlying areas with low human traffic, such as Lim Chu Kang, you'll find many domesticated dogs." He receives about three calls daily from pet owners who want to give up their pets. Most cite reasons such as a lack of time and resources, or a change in lifestyle, for wanting to do so.

Thus, it is most heartwarming when the media covers a positive story for these abandoned pets.

Project ADORE (ADOption and REhoming) is a pilot programme run jointly by Housing Development Board (HDB), ASD, and SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), which allows smaller-sized mongrels to be rehomed in public flats.

To ensure that the dogs are not a nuisance to other residents, the Ministry of National Development and animal welfare groups have drawn up guidelines for owners. They must make sure the dogs go for basic obedience training, and must agree to abide by certain rules. 

Acting Manpower Minister and Senior Minister of State for National Development Tan Chuan-Jin, gave an update on the project in his Facebook post. As of April 2013, twenty-one dogs have been successfully adopted and rehomed. Mr Tan said it has been a year since the project was launched and that SPCA and ASD will extend the project for another year.

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(Source : Pets For Life)