Low Tide Among The Rocks

North-East Coast
January 2013
This is low tide at a North-Eastern beach. The shore consists mainly of rocks and stones on a coarse sand bed.

And this is a common scene at many of our coastal shores during weekends, including this one - Children exploring the rocks, catching fish, and sometimes running about barefoot at low tide. 

However, sometimes dangers lurk within shores at low tides. All who step onto these waters should have proper footwear (i.e. no flipflops, no slippers) with thick soles.

Here is what Merlion Wayfarer spotted:

There are of course other seemingly harmless creatures which are absolutely fascinating:

Amidst the sand and stones, there is a thriving eco-system. Besides the hundreds (or thousands!) of crabs scuttling about, worms burrow in and out of crevices within the stones. For those not used to the terrain, it can be quite freaky to see a worm head into a hole, and the head of the same worm appear in a second (and even third!) hole with its body still sliding through the first hole!

Surprisingly, starfish can be found among the rubble...

A well-camouflaged hermit crab stares back...

And behold the Snapping Shrimp and its ever-steady burrow guard!

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