Near The Water

North, Singapore
August 2012

Merlion Wayfarer spotted a few Argyrodes Flavescens (Red Silver Spider) in some old webs. These spiders are "food stealers", helping themselves to insects trapped in the web of the host, or prey stored by the host in the web, or a freshly-killed victim that is being consumed by the host.

There was also an orb-weaver. These spiders spin circular webs and normally hide in a rolled leaf nearby in the day and venture out into the web only at night.

Tis is the season with the whole pond is awash with the pretty blooms in pink. Powdery pink lotuses can be found every few steps around the circumference of the pond. It was a sight to behold!

A sharp-eyed Merlion Wayfarer spotted the Pardosa Pseudoannulata (Pond Wolf Spider) on the lotus leaves. Three were spotted.

 Lots of guppies in the pond - A healthy sign of life!
Living near the water were also a multitude of dragons and damsels. Here are the photogenic ones that appeared in her lens...
  • Dragonfly [unidentified], Aethriamanta Gracilis (Pond Adjutant)
  • Crocothemis Servilia (Common Scarlet), Aethriamanta Gracilis (Pond Adjutant), Aethriamanta Gracilis (Pond Adjutant)
  • Dragonfly [unidentified], Damselfly [unidentified]
  • Acisoma Panorpoides (Trumpet Tail) Male
  • Crocothemis Servilia (Common Scarlet), Acisoma Panorpoides (Trumpet Tail) Female

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